Discover Fresh Salads on the Chick-fil-A Menu: Options, Nutrition, and Description (2024)

Chick-fil-A offers a variety of salads on their menu, catering to diverse tastes and dietary needs. From the popular Cobb Salad to the Market Salad, each option is packed with fresh ingredients and offers customization choices. In this article, we will explore the different salads available, their nutritional information, and the various ways you can customize them to suit your preferences, including adding extra toppings.

Cobb Salad

The Cobb Salad is a fan favorite, featuring freshly breaded and pressure-cooked Chick-fil-A Nuggets, mixed greens, roasted corn kernels, a blend of shredded Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, crumbled bacon, sliced hard-boiled egg, and grape tomatoes. This salad is prepared fresh daily and can be paired with various dressings, including Avocado Lime Ranch, Blue Cheese, and Zesty Apple Cider Vinaigrette, as well as the creamy salsa dressing. Opt for the dressing that pairs well with your chosen ingredients.

  • Nutrition Information:
    • Calories: 830
    • Fat: 60g
    • Carbs: 31g
    • Protein: 42g

Market Salad

The Market Salad is another popular option, priced at $9.69. It includes mixed greens, chicken breast, red and green apples, strawberries, and blueberries, topped with roasted almonds and Harvest nut granola, served on a fresh bed of mixed greens. This salad is also available with a zesty apple cider vinaigrette dressing, making it a delicious and healthy choice.

  • Nutrition Information:
    • Calories: 540
    • Fat: 31g
    • Carbs: 42g
    • Protein: 42g

Southwest Salad

The Southwest Salad is a spicy option available on the regular menu, priced at $9.69. It features mixed greens, chicken breast, red bell peppers, and a blend of cheeses, making it a hearty product. This salad is a great choice for those who enjoy a little heat in their meals.

  • Nutrition Information:
    • Calories: 680
    • Fat: 49g
    • Carbs: 27g
    • Protein: 42g

Garden Salad and Side Salad

For those looking for a vegetarian option, the Garden Salad Tray is a great choice. Find a restaurant near you to enjoy this item. This salad includes fresh greens and vegetables, available in trays for catering. The Side Salad is a smaller version of the Garden Salad, also available for catering.

  • Nutrition Information:
    • Garden Salad: Calories: 310, Fat: 18g, Carbs: 20g, Protein: 20g
    • Side Salad: Calories: 470, Fat: 42g, Carbs: 14g, Protein: 20g

Customization Options

Chick-fil-A offers various customization options for their salads, including different types of chicken, cheese, and dressings, allowing for variation in nutrition. You can choose from grilled chicken breast, nuggets, or spicy filet, and add blue cheese crumbles, avocado lime ranch dressing, or other toppings to suit your taste. For an extra crunch, you may also add crispy items..


  1. Are there vegetarian salad options available?
    Yes, the Garden Salad Tray is a great vegetarian option with fresh greens and vegetables
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  • What is the pricing range for Chick-fil-A salads?
    Prices vary based on the salad type and size, generally ranging from $9 to $80, noting that individual calorie needs vary.
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  • Can I order salads online or through the Chick-fil-A app?
    Yes, Chick-fil-A offers online and mobile ordering, making it convenient to enjoy your favorite salads
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  • Are seasonal salads offered?
    Chick-fil-A introduces seasonal salads from time to time, offering new and exciting options for a limited period. Make sure to check for allergen updates as ingredients may occur. These can include spicy southwest salad variations.
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Chick-fil-A salads are a great choice for those looking for a healthy and delicious meal. With a variety of options, including the Cobb Salad, Market Salad, and Southwest Salad, there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer a spicy kick or a fresh and fruity taste, Chick-fil-A’s salads are sure to satisfy your cravings. Add a chicken breast served on top for extra protein. So, next time you visit Chick-fil-A, don’t forget to try one of their delicious salads! For those who love a bit of heat, consider adding spicy chicken to your salad for an extra kick.

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